For the cost of one new hose, the Gemini hose acts as two hoses.  Never before has a hot melt hose been as reliable as the Gemini™ Automatic Hot Melt Hose and Gemini™ Manual- Hot Melt Hose from ITW Dynatec.  Incorporating a back-up heater and temperature sensor, the Gemini™ Automatic Hose has an illuminated control box which flashes, alerting the operator if a heater or sensor failure occurs, while simultaneously switching to the back-up circuitry.  With the Gemini™ Manual- Hot Melt Hose, the back-up heater and temperature sensor activate when secondary circuit is manually activated. This allows time for a new hose to be ordered and then replaced at the next scheduled production downtime.  No loss of performance means more productivity and profit.  The Gemini hose is redundant, cost effective, and comes with a water wash option.  Custom hose configurations are available.