Battery Charger


NIS renews 6KW Power Supplies/Battery Chargers.    We can source the exact power supply/charger your company is seeking.   The renewal process can result in substantial savings in repair cost alone.  The power supply comes with a 2 year warranty.

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Destaco Clamp and Pins and Arms


The Destaco clamp renewal process includes new seals, pin, and arm, replaced using OEM or equivalent parts.  NIS provides failure analysis, enabling potential solutions for existing design problems, leading to longer life than the original design.  NIS innovative solutions include modifying the D-style pin to minimize slag migration into the clamp mechanisms which causes premature failure.  […]

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Zaytran Clamp


The Zaytran clamp renewal process includes replacing the pneumatic puck seals, pneumatic shaft seals, brass wiper seals, and all O-rings.  NIS replaces the Turk positioning sensor as necessary and external wear items are replaced with OEM or equivalent parts as needed.  We check all threaded holes for usability and the entire unit is visually inspected and […]

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Sealer Applicator


The renewal process for the dispensing applicator is efficient and reduces inventory costs.  NIS can improve performance and reduce the cycle of repairs by implementing the use of one of our surface engineered solutions.   Our full line of coatings can eliminate sticking and buildup and reduce coefficient of friction.    We fabricate new nozzles and apply […]

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Graco Pumps


Graco pumps to OEM specification, saving you a substantial amount of money.  Our renewal process takes far less time than ordering a new one, preventing unnecessary downtime and reducing inventory costs.

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Locator Pins


NIS fabricates new locator pins of the highest quality used in automotive manufacturing plants.  We offer fast, dependable delivery and maintain the highest quality standards for each locator pin we deliver.  NIS through hardens the entire locator pin which minimizes pin breakage. 

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Carrier Wheels


Automakers rely on conveyor systems and polyurethane carrier wheels to move their line.  These carrier wheels are the workhorse of every auto plant and are subjected to heavy loads throughout their life-cycle.  Unfortunately these wheels eventually wear out and need to be replaced.  NIS has developed a renewal program for carrier wheels to provide auto […]

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2 x 2 Valves


The renewal process of 2×2 valves involves thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the entire valve assembly, replacing all seals and wear components using OEM (or equivalent) parts.  Stems are replaced as needed and each unit is tested.  NIS utilizes newly-designed seats, improving both performance and life.  

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Gear and Piston Pumps


NIS is an authorized repair facility for ABB precision gear pumps.  Additionally, NIS renews most other major brands of piston and metering paint pumps (foreign and domestic) to original OEM specification.  For solvent based gear pumps, NIS offers standard pump packs designed for these type paints.  Water based solvents require special DLC (Diamond Like Coating) pumps packs, […]

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Robot Hoods


Robot hoods can be coated to minimize cleanup time and reduce waste associated with cleaning.  NIS coatings are compatible with water and solvent-based paints, E-coats, and clear coats.  The coatings save time and money, support your 5S goals, and are environmentally friendly.

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