Adhesive Release and Sliding Technology

NIS offers a complete line of semi-permanent engineered surface solutions designed to solve sticking, sliding, abrasion, traction and corrosion problems.  The coating is applied to prevent sticky glue, tape, and rubber from adhering to the surface.  It eliminates web breakage and repetitive cleaning, providing more uptime and less waste.  The solutions are in three broad categories:  release, non-stick, and corrosion.  Release coatings are designed to solve sticking problems caused by tape and pressure sensitive adhesives.  Nonstick coatings are designed for applications with guides, folding shoes, vacuum shells and turn bars.  Hot melt tanks, gun, dies, and vacuum drums also benefit from nonstick coatings.  Corrosion coatings are designed for applications involving strong chemicals or atmospheric corrosion.

  • Drive rolls: tight tolerance diameter with traction and release
  • Traction rolls: high Ra and release
  • Idler rolls: release and light traction
  • Vacuum drums and screens: nonstick, sliding and traction
  • Guides, turn bars and folding plows: sliding, release and durability
  • Cutting dies: release and durability
  • Cut and Slip Shells