Food and Beverage

Newco Industrial Services (NIS) is a solutions-based repair facility servicing the food and beverage industry and its manufacturing/processing, packaging, and transporting equipment.  As a repair facility, we provide precision renewal of all hot melt adhesive sealant and glue application equipment to like-new condition. We enable operations to run faster and increase reliability with less downtime and maintenance cost by cleaning and restoring filters, nozzles, modules, pumps, applicators & melters and providing complete redesigns.  At NIS, we go beyond the repair conducting failure analysis and process engineering to develop unique enhancements to the original design.  NIS engineers surfaces to reduce sticking and corrosion problems.  We combine surface engineering technology with precision renewals for superior performance and functionality.  Our customers count on us to deliver solutions that save them money.  NIS is a responsive and trusted partner to the food and beverage industry.

When you need an outsourced repair center that can work directly or through MRO partners…NEWCO INDUSTRIAL SERVICES is your world class partner.


Renews Hot Melt Equipment and applies sliding and nonstick technology for the following: