Newco Industrial Services (NIS) provides commercial bakers with proven, safe and cost effective surface coatings to maximize line speeds, improve cleaning, reduce waste and ensure consistent high quality products.  NIS uses only food safe (CFR 21 compliant) engineered surface coating.  NIS has over 400 engineered formulations each specifically designed to address your unique manufacturing needs.  Each production process is different regarding baking temperature, dough type, line speed, etc.  No one coating meets all production needs.   From wet, high oil doughs to dry, low sugar doughs, NIS has an engineered surface solution for every application.

Our nonstick coatings can reduce and even eliminate the use of taste altering and costly oils or sprays, maintaining a clean and safe plant floor.  The equipment’s improved performance increases pan/tray production cycle and offers optimal release properties.  The coating improves the end product grade of excellent for appearance and consistency and also prevents corrosion and rust lending a longer life through the cleaning process.