Politicians talk about it. Conservation groups preach it. Companies wrestle the fiscal challenges of it. Children are taught about its benefits at a young age. We understand going Green is beneficial. Green initiatives reduce manufacturing costs, improve profitability, lower emissions, and sustain/extend the raw material base. Implementing a green initiative can pose a challenge to some companies, but NIS can help by using the newly developed “Bucket Program”. This program extends the life of sealant and adhesive equipment and helps facilitate a 5S initiative. Rather than putting parts in a landfill, we make them like new for a fraction of the cost of new. Here is how the “Bucket Program” works:

NIS provides a bucket at no charge. The bucket is a centralized location to put used hot melt components. When filters, modules, and nozzles are removed from the production line, they are usually seeping hot glue. As parts are removed, you no longer have to stop and try to clean them. They get thrown into the NIS bucket. When the bucket is full, send it in to us and replace the bucket. We will sort and inventory the items and send a repair estimate, detailing the components, repairable and non-repairable. If the parts cannot be renewed, we will exchange them with NIS equivalent. Whether it is renewed or exchanged, we guarantee the parts will perform and last like new. We use tamper-proof tape on the modules to indicate they have been tested. Implementing the “Bucket Program” will reduce product failures, increase production speed, and decrease waste by recycling.


Bucket Program

YOU-Toss the parts, No sweat

NIS-Sorts, cleans, and renews

PARTS-Guaranteed, tested, and marked