NIS is the one stop shop for renewals and restorations, leading the industry in quality.  We have an established system of renewing adhesives and sealant processing equipment to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of new.  NIS offers a free evaluation. We guarantee the restored product will work 100% out of the box.  Each item is completely tested and comes with a full warranty.  Our unique renewal process ensures faster turnaround, reduced inventory costs, increases in production and profits, and takes significantly less time than to obtain a new unit.  Customers report 40% to 60% savings over new.  Additional benefits include decreased downtime and value-added outsourcing.  NIS restores all brands including Nordson, HMT, Walco, Slautterback, Melton, MeltPro, Meltex, Spraymation, Sure Tack Systems, Graco, Decker, ITW Dynatec, Robatech, Ingersoll Rand, Pyles, and Acumeter.


  Applicators/Guns   All types of applicators are restored to like-new condition.  The NIS process includes complete disassembly and cleaning of all components and testing of heaters and sensors and replacing, if necessary.  We rebuild the modules and valves, in most cases.  We also thoroughly clean the nozzles and dies.  The applicator is then reassembled using new seals, fittings, and O-rings and then tested.

Drum Unloaders   NIS is an experienced renewal center for the most popular OEM systems in use (Nordson, Ingersoll-Rand, Decker, et al).  We perform routine periodic maintenance and complete rebuilds of adhesive delivery systems.  NIS uses OEM (or equivalent) repair kits and components to return the unit to like new condition.  All work is performed in our facility by trained experienced technicians. 

NIS understands the unique properties of different adhesives and can provide engineered enhancements to improve the operation and extend the useful life of your adhesive system.  We ensure 100% quality out of the box by testing every system function prior to shipment.  NIS includes complete Scope of Work documentation with what was repaired, replaced and recalibrated. 

NIS applies coatings to the sealant application equipment to eliminate build-up and improve cleanability and equipment operation.  We have developed an engineered surface solution, enabling operators to remove drums easily.  The coating provides a quick and easy cleaning of the follower plate.   The surface engineered solution withstands temperatures of 450°F and is chemically inert.   Repairs are easier and cleaner, and nozzles no longer clog.

NIS’ renewal program is a cost effective alternative to purchasing new equipment.  When you choose NIS to maintain your equipment, you not only save money, you also free up valuable maintenance staff to focus on production.   


Filters   Filters are restored to like-new condition saving you time and money.  Using a proprietary process, the filter is cleaned, and contaminants are removed from the filter mesh.  A black oxide finish is applied to the filter assembly to prevent rust.  Once cleaned, a trained filter technician inspects the filter for holes, splits, or tears.  If filter is not 100% functional, a new filter is ordered.


Hoses   For the cost of one new hose, the Gemini hose acts as two hoses.  Never before has a hot melt hose been as reliable as the Gemini™ Automatic Hot Melt Hose and Gemini™ Manual Hot Melt Hose from ITW Dynatec.  Incorporating a back-up heater and temperature sensor, the Gemini™ Automatic Hose has an illuminated control box which flashes, alerting the operator if a heater or sensor failure occurs, while simultaneously switching to the back-up circuitry.  With the Gemini™ Manual Hot Melt Hose, the back-up heater and temperature sensor activate when secondary circuit is manually activated. This allows time for a new hose to be ordered and then replaced at the next scheduled production downtime.  No loss of performance means more productivity and profit.  The Gemini hose is redundant, cost effective and comes with a water wash option.  Custom hose configurations are available.


Manifolds   NIS renews the entire manifold.  The pressure control valve and main filter assembly are cleaned as well as the internal heat exchanger and all internal and external ports and inlets.  The pressure relief valves, O-rings, and other wear components are replaced.


Melters   The renewal process for melters begins with the complete disassembly of the unit.  The hydraulic section is stripped and recoated with a high performance non-stick coating.   Tanks are fully disassembled.  Tanks, frames, and sheet metal are stripped and cleaned of all traces of adhesive using a proprietary process.  All surfaces exposed to adhesives are then coated with our specialty release coating.   Pumps, filters, motors, and other wear components are renewed or replaced.  The entire unit is reassembled using all new seals and gaskets.  The unit is fully tested and pressure checked at a huge cost savings over new.   Available upgrades include:  addition of pumps and drives, addition of UMI (universal machining interface) kit, installation of additional hose/gun channels, changes in pump styles (single to dual stream), pump capacities and holding capacities.


Modules    NIS saves you money without sacrificing quality, performance, or longevity.  NIS promises to deliver products that work 100% of the time, straight out of the box. All working parts are replaced with new, OEM-equivalent or better. Our renewed modules are fired and tested and exceed original equipment standards.  We eliminate the middle man when we source our OEM-equivalent or better parts and pass the savings along to you.  Our UM module renewal includes new O-rings, new piston assembly, new seals, seat, body, and cap, as needed.  For the MR1300 module, renewal includes new shaft, air cap, stem guide, springs, seals and new body, air cap and lower section as needed.  H200 module renewal includes a new body, cap, lower section, seals, shaft assembly, and new air adjustment assembly.  NIS restored modules save you money and increase your uptime.


Nozzles   Bead nozzles and all types of spray nozzles including laminated plate and UFD assemblies are cleaned and individually inspected.  Out-of-spec spiral spray disks can often be straightened through a NIS developed process.  After inspection, nozzles and dies are repackaged and clearly labeled according to type and orifice size.


Pumps   NIS renews gear and piston pumps to like-new condition according to OEM specifications.   Pumps are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired (if necessary) with OEM parts, reassembled, and tested at 1200 psi.  Gear pumps are reground as needed.  Gear and piston pumps are completely rebuilt using new seals, bearings, and other wear components.  NIS resurfaces the plate and gear, if necessary.  The renewal process is accurate, reliable, and extends equipment life, which creates a cost savings for our customer.  The pump is delivered and guaranteed to perform like new but at a fraction of the cost.


Slot Die Reconditioning   Slot Dies are renewed to like-new condition through a multi-step cleaning and machining process.   The shims, bolts, and O-rings are replaced.  The mouthpiece and adapter are made square and true as individual parts, then assembled with the shim and machined true as a set.  The complete slot die assembly is labeled and returned.


Valve Rebuilding   NIS renews circulation and pressure control valves, pressure relief and safety valves, constant pressure valves, and extrusion valves.   Valves are restored to like-new condition through a cleaning and renewal process that replaces all the wear components and returns the valve to factory settings.   All seals and wear parts are replaced using OEM-equivalent parts.  Stems are replaced as needed.  Each unit is tested to ensure it works properly.  NIS designs new seats to improve performance and life.