Improve Performance and Productivity in a Mining Environment

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Polyurethane Wheels Can Improve Performance and Productivity in a Mining Environment

As ore and other mining aggregates continue to be difficult to extract, efficiency has become more important in maintaining the highest profit margins in a mining operation. As one of the more grueling industrial environments, all parts and equipment are subject to extreme forces, including wheels in conveyors and rotary scrubbers.

Traditionally, these systems have used metal or rubber wheels which, while long-lasting, are also less resilient and are prone to distortion and early failure. As these components are replaced, polyurethane wheels offer a better, longer-lasting solution that offers less maintenance and downtime.

More Resilient and Durable than Metal or Rubber

Whether excavating, transporting, or processing ore and mining aggregates, the constant loading and unloading of heavy loads present an immense burden on the wheels. Over time, this stress can wear down the wheel, causing friction, irregular load-balancing, and eventual failure. Like bending a wire back and forth, the wheel will fail.

Polyurethane wheels, when properly specified, can handle both the load and forces better than their traditional counterparts. With the right formulation and design, these wheels can withstand the strain as well as the constant abuse that dust, heat, and debris present, maintaining their shape and integrity longer. All while offering a quieter solution leading towards a safer work environment.

Ideal for Both Driven and Idle Wheel Solutions

There are polyurethane wheel solutions available for all mining production line situations. Polyurethane wheels are quickly replacing rubber and metal wheels in rotary washers where the high-impact shock and irregular balance of the system puts a strain on both the drive wheel and the bearings. Rotary scrubbers, in particular, take a toll on the wheel system while, at the same time, the washer and trommel can be a bottleneck to the entire operation if there is an unexpected failure.

As a critical part of the extraction process, the rotary scrubber and trommel have the potential to pose costly downtime. While simple in operation, the rotary scrubber is still a complex machine that is subject to significant stress and impact.

Switching to polyurethane wheels can offer a solution that is more predictable, stable, and resilient, helping increase uptime for all equipment and reducing maintenance time and costs. Though polyurethane presents the right choice, there is still a risk of delamination. It’s important to have the right wheel in the right environment. Choosing the wrong shape, formulation or tread will lead to uneven wear or misshapen wheels. Both of these circumstances will decrease the life of the wheel and risk an early failure.

Moving to Polyurethane Wheels in the Mining Operation

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can migrate to polyurethane wheels or replace your existing ones with high-quality Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels, reach out to a NewcoUSA representative. We are the sole distributor of Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels for mining in the United States and can help you choose and specify the right wheel for your operation.

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