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November 28, 2018

NewcoUSA Industrial Services is an experienced renewal center for the most popular OEM systems in use (Nordson, Ingersoll-Rand, Graco, et al). We perform routine periodic maintenance and complete rebuilds of adhesive delivery systems. We utilize OEM (or equivalent) repair kits and components to return units to like new condition. All work is performed in our facility by trained experienced technicians.

At NewcoUSA, we understand the unique properties of different adhesives and can provide engineered enhancements to improve the operation and extend the useful life of your adhesive system. We ensure 100% quality out of the box by testing every system function prior to shipment, and include complete Scope of Work documentation with what was repaired, replaced and recalibrated.

We apply coatings to the sealant application equipment to eliminate build-up and improve cleanability and equipment operation. We have also developed an engineered surface solution, enabling operators to remove drums easily. The coating provides a quick and easy cleaning of the follower plate. The surface engineered solution withstands temperatures of 450°F and is chemically inert. Repairs are easier and cleaner, and nozzles no longer clog.

NewcoUSA Industrial Services’ renewal program is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. When you choose us to maintain your equipment, you not only save money, you also free up valuable maintenance staff to focus on production.

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