Slot Die Reconditioning
November 28, 2018
November 28, 2018

NewcoUSA Industrial Services saves you money without sacrificing quality, performance, or longevity. We promise to deliver products that work 100 percent of the time, straight out of the box. All working parts are replaced with new, OEM-equivalent or better. Our renewed modules are fired and tested, and exceed original equipment standards. We eliminate the middleman by sourcing our OEM-equivalent or better parts and passing the savings on to you. Our UM module renewal includes new O-rings, new piston assembly, new seals, seat, body, and cap, as needed. For the MR1300 module, renewal includes a new shaft, air cap, stem guide, springs, seals and new body, air cap and lower section as needed. H200 module renewal includes a new body, cap, lower section, seals, shaft assembly, and new air adjustment assembly. Our restored modules save you money and increase your uptime.

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