NewcoUSA is the exclusive partner for Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels in the United States, offering warehouses and distribution centers for the industry’s most reliable and durable wheels. With distribution and fulfillment centers progressively relying more and more on automation, it becomes critical for all vehicles to operate at peak performance to maintain a smooth supply chain. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels are known worldwide for being long-lasting and offering more enduring, reliable performance than competing wheels and casters.

As facilities create more diverse and challenging areas of application, Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels and castors can meet our clients’ needs with the broadest range of high-quality treads made of thermoplastic polyurethane, polyamide, and rubber. These are particularly suitable for industrial castors used in factory environments for the internal transport of goods in indoor and outdoor areas.

One of Raeder Vogel’s main areas of focus is VULKOLLAN®, as well as polyurethane elastomers, which are produced by a hot-casting process. These are non-marking and the wheels stand out for their low-starting and rolling resistance, high dynamic load capacity, good abrasion, and tear-resistance.


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Wheels and Castors for Automatic Guided Vehicles

NewcoUSA offers Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels and castors that are used around the world by all the major manufacturers of automated guided vehicles. Thanks to Raeder Vogel’s comprehensive range of wheel-tread materials, and their specific properties, NewcoUSA can help optimize drive wheels to suit any area of application. NewcoUSA also provides rigid and spring-loaded support castors with special bearings located in both the housing and the wheel to meet specific requirements.

Wheels for Shuttle Systems

From distribution centers to cold storage, NewcoUSA can help choose the right Raeder Vogel solution for any shuttle application. The Raeder Vogel portfolio includes everything from guiding wheels to complete drive units with axle shafts and bearings – a complete range of reliable, high-quality products. Whether replacing a Raeder Vogel wheel or integrating wheels into a legacy system, a NewcoUSA field representative can help ensure you have the right fit and the right wheel for the right application.

Wheels for Stacker Cranes, Retrieval Units, and Automated Small-parts Warehouses

Stacker cranes, retrieval units, and automated small-parts warehouses are designed to allow the quick and reliable handling of goods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels last longer with fewer problems, ensuring optimized operation and maximum safety, even at extremely high speeds with rapid acceleration.

Wheels for Every Application