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NewcoUSA is the exclusive partner for Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels in the United States, offering the amusement industry the most reliable and durable wheels. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels for rollercoasters prove themselves in practice every day in a wide variety of amusement parks all over the world. When it comes to safety, driving, bearing loads, lateral-guidance, and up-stop or under-friction technology, Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, high-performance, safe products. From small mobile coasters at fairgrounds to high-speed tracks in amusement parks – Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Contact NewcoUSA to replace or switch to high-quality Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels. NewcoUSA representatives are available for consultation to help you choose the right wheel for your application, as well as extend the life and decrease the downtime of your ride.


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Amusement Rides

Preventing Delamination in Amusement Ride Wheels

Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels are stronger, more reliable, and more structurally stable. This helps in preventing delamination which can lead to early failure in other wheels. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels have been proven to withstand the harsh wear and tear of amusement rides while maintaining their structural integrity longer, meaning less maintenance and decreased downtime, to keep rides running safely for longer.


Smoother and Quieter Amusement Rides

Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels are an ideal replacement for steel or rubber wheels, resolving common issues that plague amusement rides. Replacing steel wheels with Vulkodyn® dramatically reduces noise pollution and increases efficiency and durability, extending the life of the wheel. Vulkodyn® has even been found to be durable and effective in wooden roller coasters where other polyurethane wheels have failed to perform.

Wheels for Amusement Park Water Rides

Water rides are a special attraction in any amusement park but place extremely high demands on load and lateral guide wheels. In addition to the outstanding dynamic properties of the wheel materials, all components – in particular the bearings – must be designed to operate in and under water. The excellent quality of Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels means that they ensure smooth and reliable operation in these conditions.

Wheels for Amusement Rides

Whether a haunted house, traditional ghost train, or interactive 5D experience – you can be sure of maximum safety and unadulterated fun with Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels, which are specifically designed for each application. A NewcoUSA Technical advisor can help you choose the ideal Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheel for each ride. Raeder Vogel’s broad range of wheel materials and designs allow NewcoUSA to address any specification with an ideal fit that ensures longer life and less maintenance.

Wheels for Monorails and Entertainment Light Rail

Monorails and light railways – from historical to state-of-the-art systems – are used to transport people around amusement parks all over the world and offer a special ride experience for young and old attendees alike. NewcoUSA can supply the appropriate drive, load, and guiding wheels from our broad standard range or we can manufacture them individually according to your requirements. You can always depend on a reliable spare parts supply.

Polyurethane Wheels for Amusement Ride Applications