NewcoUSA is the exclusive partner for Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels in the United States, offering the automotive industry the most reliable and durable wheels. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels are used all over the globe by all of the major car manufacturers and major materials handling suppliers. With a catalog of more than 30,000 items, Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels move an enormous range of machines and systems for intralogistics. Their high standards, quality, and innovative strength have made Raeder Vogel one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wheels, pallet rollers, swivel and fixed castors, and press-on tires.

NewcoUSA offers a broad range of Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels and castors with highly durable wheel-tread materials, satisfying the automotive industry’s diverse and challenging areas of application. Our primary material, VULKOLLAN® is non-marking and stands out for its low starting- and rolling resistance, high dynamic load capacity, and good abrasion and tear resistance.

NewcoUSA also offers a wide range of Raeder Vogel wheel-treads made of thermoplastic polyurethane, polyamide, and rubber. These are particularly suitable for industrial castors used in automotive factory environments for the internal transport of goods within indoor and outdoor areas.


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Wheels for Electric Monorail Systems

NewcoUSA supplies Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels and castors for electric monorail systems (EMS) used in production and distribution logistics throughout the U.S. When it comes to driving, bearing loads, and guiding equipment on rails, NewcoUSA offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, high-performance Raeder Vogel products. From the transport of light and heavy goods to complete vehicles in the final stages of assembly in the automotive industry, Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels and castors ensure problem-free operation.

Wheels for Lifting Equipment

In use with lifting equipment for the automotive industry and distribution logistics, Raeder Vogel high-strength and durable wheels guarantee safe and quiet vertical transport between different levels.

Wheels for Turntables

Thanks to their high strength and durability, they are especially suitable for automotive manufacturing. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels can withstand the abuse that extreme weight can apply to wheels helping to extend the life of the wheel and reduce downtime. In turntables for the automotive industry and distribution logistics, Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels rotate and pivot smoothly to guarantee the safe movement of transported goods from one direction to another.

Wheels for Every Application