Frequently asked questions

1Can you apply your coatings to a part at my plant (on site)?
Yes, some coatings can be applied on site. Please contact us for more information.
2How long does the coating last?
The longevity of the coating depends on the application and conditions in which the coating is exposed.
3Can coatings be applied to brass, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic?
4What is your lead time for coating?
Our lead time for coating is typically 5-10 working days.
5Does your coating contain contaminants?
Our coatings are semi-permanent and completely inert. They are not like release agents. They are completely safe with no outgassing.
6Can you provide certification that your coatings are safe?
In an application where food grade is necessary, we can provide a chain of custody compliance letter stating the coating is FDA Compliant according to Code of Federal Regulation 21.
7What is your warranty for renewals?
The warranty for renewals is the same as the OEM warranty.
8Can I purchase repair parts separately and send them with my melter for renewal?
9What are your lead times for the typical (module, nozzles, hose, filter) renewal?
Typical renewal lead time is 2 weeks.