Heavy Application


NewcoUSA is the exclusive partner of Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels in the United States, offering the most reliable and durable wheels for harsh conditions and heavy loads. Our catalog of more than 30,000 wheels and casters moves an enormous variety of machines and systems. Raeder Vogel often custom-designs wheels for unique applications using the highest standards for quality and strength. These standards have made Raeder Vogel one of the world's leading manufacturers in specialized polyurethane wheels.

NewcoUSA offers a broad range of existing Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels that meet the challenging needs of certain industries. We have the knowledge and experience to fit the right wheel to the right application and, when a wheel doesn’t exist, we have the expertise to custom-design, engineer, and deliver the right wheel for the job.


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Heavy Application

Technical Support and Design Consultation

Our team of technical advisors is ready to help clients choose the right wheels to meet the challenges of their specific needs. NewcoUSA also can provide rapid technical support in the event of an unexpected wheel failure, which can further reduce complications and costly downtime.


Custom Fabrication for Specialized Solution

Raeder Vogel and NewcoUSA have developed a reputation for engineering wheels that can carry extreme loads without delamination, distortion, or other common issues associated with early wheel failure. Our years of experience have given us the technical know-how to provide custom solutions for industry-specific challenges. We have been able to solve issues that other competitors have not been able to resolve.

Metal Industry

When it comes to producing and processing metals, special vehicles are frequently used to safely and reliably transport heavy loads. When sparks fly and things get really hot, wheels for heavy-duty applications must withstand high heat. Raeder Vogel’s special products made from VULKOLLAN® and PEVOTEC® operate at full speed even in the harshest conditions and feature quiet operation, good load transmission, high wear resistance, and durability. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels offer a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement for special non-rail-mounted vehicles and can withstand extreme environments and temperatures.


Coastal engineering is an art in itself. Besides logistical challenges, offshore construction must withstand adverse conditions. When laying pipelines and installing production platforms and wind turbines, Raeder Vogel offers durable long-lasting solutions. These solutions enable top performance while reducing downtime and maintenance.


Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels and rollers are used in modern recycling systems around the world. We provide solutions for lightweight packaging, cardboard packaging, household waste, bio-waste, and more. We help plants recycle materials more efficiently. Depending on the composition of the materials being transported, the drive and running wheels/rollers must withstand different amounts of strain for long periods of time.

Tunnel Construction

We supply wheels for underground infrastructure projects which use tunnel boring machines of all diameters and all applications — from railway, metro, and road construction to supply and disposal, pipelines, hydropower, and mining. Whether underground or underwater, tunnels and piping are essential for the infrastructure of modern cities and countries. This is made possible with tunneling machines whose chassis are equipped with VULKOLLAN® press-on tires.