NewcoUSA is the exclusive partner for Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels in the United States, offering the mining industry the most reliable and durable wheels. The exposure to extreme heat, water, dust, mineral deposits, and heavy load capacities that mining machinery is subjected to inflicts dramatic wear on wheels throughout the mining operation. This unusually harsh wear on wheels presents an area that is prone to failure and premature wear, leading to downtime. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels far exceed the performance of competing rubber wheels by offering better durability and longevity to keep the mining operation running smoothly.


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Wheels for Load-Haul Dumpers (LHD)

As one of the most important pieces of equipment in mining, load-haul-dump vehicles work almost non-stop under the harshest mining conditions. Here, durable and long-lasting Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels are essential for preventing costly production losses. The proven reliability of Raeder Vogel products dramatically reduces machine maintenance and downtime. At the same time, low vehicle height is a decisive factor where passages are low or have uneven floors, and Raeder Vogel wheels have options designed to work in these tight spaces. NewcoUSA helps mining operations collaborate with Raeder Vogel designers to develop solutions for their specific needs, offering more custom and effective solutions.

Wheels for Monorail Systems for Mining

Raeder Vogel products can withstand the enormous contact pressures encountered in the transportation of persons and materials in mines. To meet these demands, Raeder Vogel offers wheels with high-performance tread materials such as VULKOLLAN® 95 Shore A. This material stands up to the highest dynamic loading stresses and is characterized by a high static friction coefficient that enables the wheels to overcome inclines of up to 30 degrees.

Wheels for Pit Cages

Pit cages travel considerable distances between the pit bank and the workings when transporting people and equipment in and out of the mine and hoisting extracted materials to the surface. Smooth-running, well-damped, and, above all, safe wheels made with anti-static materials are an absolute must for mine-hoisting systems. Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels offer the additional benefit of particularly long service life: they last up to six times longer than conventional wheel tread materials, at speeds of up to 21 meters per second.

Wheels for Shuttle Cars

As the link between the continuous miner at the face and the conveyor line, shuttle cars frequently traverse difficult and uneven surfaces. Designed for such conditions, Raeder Vogel offers wheels with and without treads that can be optimized in collaboration with each mining partner to meet the specific needs in their mine. In comparison with conventional wheels with the same dimensions, wheels customized with PEVOTEC® treads, for instance, can handle much higher loads. Replacing traditional rubber wheels with Raeder Vogel PEVOTEC® treads can increase the life of the wheel by 4x, depending upon conditions and maintenance. These changes improve the safety and efficiency of the entire mining operation.