Raeder Vogel Polyurethane Wheels and Casters

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NewcoUSA is the exclusive US partner of Raeder Vogel
polyurethane wheels and casters.

Since 1946, Raeder Vogel has been the leading manufacturer of polyurethane wheels and castors to industries around the world. In 2018 NewcoUSA became the US partner for Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels, casters, and press-on bands. We offer our customers, decades of experience, ensuring that they have a trusted partner who provides world-class solutions to difficult applications.

We strive for one thing above all else: perfection.

Raeder Vogel’s polyurethane wheels and casters have a higher resistance to various extreme environmental effects, which is why they are the best choice for so many machines and devices, as well as for work platforms, transport trolleys, assembly trolleys, storage trolleys, and container wagons.

Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels customers say our polyurethane wheels are more durable and reliable than any competitors. Our decades of experience ensure high-quality solutions for every industry.

Quality knows no compromise

  • non-marking, and have low starting and rolling resistances
  • chemical resistance to mineral oils and greases as well as various solvents
  • speeds up to 16 km/h (6km/h standard)
  • load capacities up to 25,000 kg.


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1Bonding, formula and experience make RV unique

The innovative bonding system for the highest demands

Our polyurethane wheels and rollers are exposed to increasingly high-stress levels. Use in continuous operation at speeds of over 22 km/h with high acceleration, high ambient temperatures, and extremely dynamic ultimate loads, places considerable demand on our products. In response to these conditions, we developed our new RV-COMPOUND® bonding system to exploit the full potential of our tread materials.

RV-COMPOUND® has a high-temperature resistance beyond the melting point in a wide range of different polyurethane wheel treads, so it extends the load-bearing reserves for existing polyurethane wheel designs and enables higher nominal loads for new designs with adapted configurations. It therefore considerably extends the lifespan of our products. Furthermore, no solvents are used in processing the bonding system, thus ensuring a considerable improvement in environmental protection as well as reduced exposure for our employees. RV-COMPOUND® is used for the production of all of our VULKOLLAN® and polyurethane wheels and is processed automatically using specially designed systems.

2Wheels by Raeder Vogel

Drive, load, and guiding polyurethane wheels

We provide you with drive, load, and guiding polyurethane wheels, as well as the highest quality and durability for almost every industry and a wide range of applications.

Drive polyurethane wheels

Drive polyurethane wheels have a fixed connection between the polyurethane wheel and axle, thus ensuring the required transmission from the engine to the ground and of course can be accelerated and braked. This means that you are free to decide which type of connection you would like to use. For example, you can choose from borings, grooves, and recesses for clamping kits.

Due to their structure and function, drive polyurethane wheels are generally not built on casters.

Load polyurethane wheels

Load polyurethane wheels are predominantly used for bearing loads. Due to their continuous connection between the polyurethane wheel and axle, they also turn and, in contrast to drive polyurethane wheels, can neither be braked nor accelerated. We can decide on the bearing to be used with the individual customer. In addition to the most frequently used ball bearings, we also offer you sliding bearing arrangements and roller bearings as well as customer-specific special solutions. It is a good idea to build these on casters.

Guiding polyurethane wheels

Guiding polyurethane wheels are used in cable guide rollers and side guide rollers. For example, these polyurethane wheels are used to guide cables or entire machines or to absorb shocks to ensure a nearly continuous connection between the polyurethane wheel and axle.

Press on Bands

We produce one of the largest ranges of VULKOLLAN® and PEVOPUR® tires. Most of the standard metric and inch dimensions are in stock or can be supplied within a short period of time.

Cylindrical steel band – tires are produced as standard products with diameters ranging from 100 mm to 920 mm and load capacities up to more than 10 t.
In order to ensure a better pressing on of the steel band tires the inner ring is turned out and produced with slightly smaller dimensions than the specified ones for rims with fit h11.

VULKOLLAN® press-on tires

Cylindrical VULKOLLAN® press-on tires (93° Shore A) with machined steel band for rims with fit h11.

VULKOLLAN® press-on tires

VULKOLLAN® press-on tires (93° Shore A) with cast-in steel band. With conical base tire, centre split (km) or laterally split (ks).

PEVOPUR® press-on tires

Cylindrical PEVOPUR® press-on tires (93° Shore A) with machined steel band for rims with fit h11.

Solid rubber press-on tires

Cylindrical with steel wire core and plain profile. Solid rubber press-on-tires with cross-country profile or non-marking are available on request.

Solid rubber press-on tires

Cylindrical with steel ring in drive wheel quality and with plain profile. Solid rubber press-on tires with cross country profile or non- marking are available on request


Swivel and fixed casters

At NewcoUSA, we offer you an extensive range of institutional, industrial, and heavy-duty casters in the form of swivel and fixed casters for a wide range of different industrial applications. Our products are known for their excellent workmanship, high quality, and long lifespans.


Casters are made up of a polyurethane wheel, housing and axle material, and are used to make equipment or transportation systems mobile. The castor is usually attached either via a plate, a hole fitting, or a stem fitting. As passive components, they are generally not directly driven.

In the design of casters, we distinguish between fixed casters and swivel casters.

Fixed casters and swivel casters

Fixed casters are connected to the device or transportation system via a rigid fastener and therefore cannot swivel. Consequently, they only operate in linear motion.

Swivel casters have a fastener that can rotate in addition to moving in a linear direction. Swivel casters can also be equipped with a lock.

You can lock the polyurethane wheel motion using wheel locks. Directional locks, on the other hand, lock the swiveling movement of the swivel castor in one or a few defined directions. Our ALLSTOP locks, lock both the polyurethane wheel and the swiveling movement of a castor.

4Polyurethane Wheels for Industrial Trucks

We have been the OEM development partner for all leading manufacturers of industrial trucks worldwide for more than 20 years. We offer our customers an extensive product portfolio for after-sales management and for resolving all intralogistics challenges. We develop our products based on the design-to-cost principle, whereby each step undergoes a continuous improvement process. We provide pre-assembled components and parts, depending on requirements also "just in time" or integrated into the customer's Kanban system.

Wheel Materials

The right wheel for every industry application:


The NewcoUSA team is here to make it easier for you to identify and replace your polyurethane wheel. With some basic information and a photograph, one of our NewcoUSA representatives will not only help identify your polyurethane wheel but can also help you order replacements. NewcoUSA is the exclusive US partner of Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels and casters.

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